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Hannah's House 119

"Every kid is ONE caring adult away from being a success story" -Josh Shipp

Hannah's House 119 is a non-profit organization depending, in faith, on God's provision through grants and private donations from those who want to partner with us in breaking the cycle, helping young people rise above their circumstances, making a better life for themselves and becoming a contributing citizen of their communities.

Hannah's House 119 is more than a physical place; it's a support system for the many young women of Stark and Carroll Counties adding one more caring adult in their life. With a growing set of programs and mentors to offer guidance, life skill training and opportunity, we lessen the odds of them falling into homelessness, sexual exploitation, gangs, joblessness or imprisonment.
Be a part of helping others rise above their circumstances!

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Founded in 2013 by Pastor Patti Hostetler, we started our first mentoring group at CHOICES High School in the spring of 2015. Since then we have grown to include young ladies ranging from 6th through 12th grade. We accept referrals from schools, Stark County Family Court along with other crisis intervention agencies in the community.   Prior to COVID19 we were active in 9 schools throughout Stark and Carroll counties. Currently the focus is our small groups that meet on Tuesday after school in Carrollton, Tuesday evenings in Canton, and Thursday afternoon Anchor program.   We also have a team mentors who meet 1 to 1 with their mentee on a weekly basis. We work diligently to serve an ever growing number of young ladies who are identified as at-risk or sex trafficking victims.

Our Vision is that all young women have the support and resources necessary to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually into healthy adults.

Mission Statement: Mentoring young women of Stark and Carroll counties to help them build their social and emotional assets, encouraging them to rise above their circumstances.

​Hannah's House 119 carries out this mission by connecting young, at risk women, and sex-trafficked individuals, to mentors. Mentors are committed to offering them support and guidance along with resources and opportunities to help make the transition into adulthood successful.



Hannah's House 119 offers several different programming options to meet the needs of each individual youth.  We believe that prevention is key and provide programming that educates our youth about the risks and signs of sexual exploitation.  We provide life skill training to give our youth the tools needed to be successful in life and build upon the 40 Developmental Assets.  Hannah’s House believes that “every” child is just one decision away from becoming a statistic.  We also believe that ONE caring adult can be the KEY to their  success.



Girls Club is mentoring groups comprised of girls from all throughout Stark and Carroll County. Our Girls Club groups meet once a week on Tuesday during the day at Carrollton schools and Tuesday evening at our Goodwill Campus location. Girls are often referred to us from the Stark County Juvenile Court, school counselors and partnering agencies in the county.

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This is the beginning step of making a connection to a young lady. This 6 week Power Over Predators program teaches about protecting themselves online from predators, how valued they are, consent & who they can turn to for times in need. After the program is completed, our girls get the opportunity to join our weekly mentoring programs.


We offer one to one mentoring to those youth who may not be ready to be in a group setting. Spending one on one time with our young people is so vital to establishing relationships and connections that will be remembered throughout their lifetime.

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