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Our Girl’s Club groups, and special programming will be held at Goodwill for the next three years! You may be wondering, what does that look like? How can I help? Hannah’s House has started a “130 Movement” to raise funds for the total of our lease agreement with Goodwill. $130,000 will be the cost of our entire three-year lease. Amazing, right? Our 130 Movement plan will consist of 130 projects times $1,000 to equal our $130,000 goal! As of today, we have a few commitments to rejoice about. We have a $1,000 donation from a local store, a ladies church group having a bake sale, a retired grandma making her family’s favorite pepperoni rolls ($20/dozen), and a family saving up their extra change!


Will you commit to one of our projects? Can you help raise $1,000 for Hannah’s House? If you have any questions, our team would be happy to help you! Contact us at our office 330-495-2970 or email at

Our progress so far: 

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 7.25.46 PM.png
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